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Florida Live Rock

Florida Live Rock is probably the most awesome aquacultured saltwater live rock you will find on the world wide web!! This is an awesome live rock for salt water Florida live rockfish only tanks or reef aquarium tanks. this aquacultured Bahama limestone live rock has many corrals, plant and many different colors of coraline. There is no comparison between this rock and fijji rock!!

Unlike the common "Fiji Rock" you see for sale everywhere, our Florida Live Rock for saltwater aquariums is aqua-cultured Bahama limestone cultivated from the ocean floor off the coast of Florida, much lighter than other aquarium rock and therefore more for your money.

Florida Live Rock is so unique and beautiful due to the many corrals, plants and different colors of coralline.

All of our saltwater live rock for your aquarium is packaged with the utmost care and is shipped overnight to your door.  It is ready to be placed directly in the tank.

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Here are some samples of the kinds of Florida live rock we offer:

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